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New Creative Commons Resources
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With Mix & Mash just around the corner, and with our interns looking to show off their skills and knowledge, we decided to rustle up a few new Creative Commons resources. We already had our education case studies, our brochure, our A3 poster, this post, this other post, as well as this piece, originally printed in the Education Gazette.
But we knew we needed more. So, we first released our Mix & Mash lesson plan, which quickly became a popular resource for teachers looking to introduce Creative Commons licensing in the classroom.
We then released a slide show, introducing Creative Commons licensing for New Zealand schools.
Soon after that, we put up our new Creative Commons poster.
And today, you can share, remix and reuse our new, 12 page Free to Mix guide! We’ve released this in A5, making it easy for teachers and students to use: just set your printer to ‘booklet’ and ‘double-sided’ and you’ll have your very own Free to Mix booklet.

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